September 07, 2012

Healthy Living:
   Dr T Murcott suggestions on top-selling alternative medicines

/Supplements     Good for:      Volume      Price            Stores
EchinaceaBoosting your immune system60 Tablets£5.55Boots 
St John's WortDepression 100 Tablets£8.49 Holland+Barrett
Mik ThistleLiver function30 Tablets £6.99 Boots
Peppermint OilBowel complaints 10ml bottle£
CranburryUrinary infectionsOne litre    or 30 Tablets£2.00 or £3.99Supermarkets
or Boots
Red Vine leafCirculation 60 Tablets£4.99  Boots
GlucosamineCreaky joints 60 Tablets£
Vitamin B6Boosting mood 100 Tablets £2.25 Boots
Valerian rootSleep problems100 Capsules£5.49 Holland+Barrett

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