August 10, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Friday, August 9, 2013 5:59 PM EDT:
Two former JPMorgan Chase employees suspected of masking the size of a multibillion-dollar trading loss

Government authorities are planning to arrest two former JPMorgan Chase employees suspected of masking the size of a multibillion-dollar trading loss, a dramatic turn in a case that tarnished the reputation of the nation’s biggest bank and spotlighted the perils of Wall Street risk-taking.
The arrests are expected to take place in London as soon as next week, according to people briefed on the matter. The action, the people said, would come on the heels of a federal grand jury voting to indict the employees on criminal fraud charges.
The employees — Javier Martin-Artajo, a manager who oversaw the trading strategy from London, and Julien Grout, a low-level trader responsible for recording the value of the soured bets — could ultimately be extradited under an agreement with British authorities.


August 09, 2013

MIT Technology Review
World most influential thinker revealed

The full list is given in the paper referenced below but the top ten thinkers are listed:

Video: World's Most Influential Thinkers Revealed | MIT Technology Review

July 29, 2013

MIT Technology Review
New Hydrogen-Making Method Could Give a Boost to Fuel-Cell Vehicles

The chemical company BASF has found a greener way to make hydrogen, reviving hopes for fuel-cell vehicles.

New Hydrogen-Making Method Could Give a Boost to Fuel-Cell Vehicles | MIT Technology Review

July 26, 2013

British World Champions - Sport 2013
Following Olympic 2012 success (Total of 65 medals - 29 in Gold)

Following Olympic 2012 success (Total of 65 medals - 29 in Gold). 

Success of British World Champions this year:

Tennis - July 2013: Andy Murray wins the cup (first British win in 77 years)

Rugby - July 2013: Lions Rugby Union (first win in 16 years)

Golf - June 2013: US Open Golf Justin Rose wins the cup ( a first British win in 43 years)

Tour de France - July 2013: Chris Froome

Canoeing - June 1013: Wildwater Canoeing New World Champion–
Congratulations to Hannah Brown

After success of GB’s women this season, which started with Fiona Pennie becoming K1 European Champion in Krakow, Lizzie Neave winning K1 gold at World Cup 1 and in C1 Kimberley Woods winning gold and bronze and Mallory Franklin winning bronze and silver at World Cups 1 and 2.

Mountain Biking - June 2013: at Fort William, Scotland (downhill event only)
Men's Elite winner:  Gee Atherton
Women's Elite winner:  Rachel Atherton

Rowing World Cup winner - June 2013: Great Britain win thrilling men's eight
Andy Triggs Hodge, Pete Reed, Will Satch, Mo Sbihi, James Foad, Tom Ransley, Dan Ritchie and Oliver Cook
Glover and Swann win World Cup gold
Aggar Para-Rower World Cup DISABILITY SPORT

Triathlon - May & June 2013: at Yokohama & Madrid: Jonathan Brownlee

Motor Racing - April -May 2013 WTCC: Robert Huff (2012 world champion- standing for 2013)

International GT Open: Duncan Cameron

WTCC  (RML) Race of Australia: James Nash (Bamboo Engineering)
Grand Prix motorcycle racing:  Scott Redding
WEC 6 Hours of Silverstone: Allan McNish

Cycling - February 2013: UCI Track Cycling World Championships in Minsk, Belarus UK won both the gold and overall medals tallies
(2R Superbikes) Chaz Davies, R3: Assen Chaz Davies

Tour de Romandie Road Cycling: Chris Froome (Team Sky) 
Endurance racing 24 Hours of Le Mans: Allan McNishAllan McNish

Hope to see more achievements

July 19, 2013

The Cardinal Rules of Tweeting and Posting

Emma-Julie Fox writes for Pitstop Media Inc, a Vancouver company that provides SEO services to businesses across North America.

The Cardinal Rules of Tweeting and Posting

June 03, 2013

MIT Technology Review:
Technology that knows when to hand you the Hankie

Technology That Knows When to Hand You a Hankie | MIT Technology Review

Inside Search:
Time to back away from Cookie

Figuring out how to make smart choices about some of our favorite foods can often be a cumbersome and daunting process. So we’re hoping we c...

Inside Search: Time to back away from the cookie jar? Introducing...:

September 11, 2012

Healthy Living:
   Q&A about understanding Thyroid disorders and how to deal with it. Author: Dr A Toft CBE MD FRCP

Thyroid Illness:
    This section is compiled with curtsey of Family Doctor Series publications in association with the BMA.

    You are highly recommended to purchase a book titled "Understanding Thyroid Disorders" published in 1995. Price £2.49. Author: Dr A Toft CBE MD FRCP. You are strongly advised to consult your doctor for any medication.

    Q. What is Thyroid illness and how do I know that I have it?.
    A. Despite its small size gland it is an extremely important organ which controls our metabolism and it is responsible for the normal working of every cell in the body.
    Your GP can diagnose the condition with a simple blood test.
    Q. Who is affected and can it be treated?
    A. Thyroid disease often runs in families. Certain forms are asociated with an increased risk of developing diabetes or anaemia.

  1. Thyroid disease is common, affecting around one in 20 people.

  2. More women than men are affected.

  3. Treatment is usually successful, and even thyroid cancer can be cured if caught early.

  4. There are different types of Thyroid affecting different people.
    One type is Autoimmune disease which you'll probably need to take tablets for the rest of your life.

  5. Q. Do I have to change my diet?.
    A. Diet in the UK contains adequate amounts of iodine and you don't need to take supplements.
    Q. Is smoking harmful?
    A. Patients with hyperthyroidism due to Graves' disease should stop smoking.
    Q. Was stress responsible for making my thyroid gland overactive?
    A. There is now evidence that stress can affect the immune system which is abnormal in Graves' disease. So the answer is probably yes, but there are other important factors such as heredity.
    Q. Will my new baby have thyroid trouble?
    A. The children of mothers with Graves' disease may be born with an overactive thyroid gland. Occasionally mothers with hypothyroidism give birth to a child with an underactive thyroid gland. In both occasions, when disease is detected, treatment is done in few weeks.
    Q. Could my thyroid condition explain why I did badly in exams?
    A. It is likly to be hyperthyroidism which affects people taking exams. A reduced ability to concntrate will certainly lead to a substandard performance.
    Q. Could thyroid disease have caused my anxiety/depression?
    A. No. Although Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism will make underlying psychiatric illness worse.
    Q. Will my Graves' disease recur?
    A. If your hyperthyroidism has benn effectively treated with iodine-131, it will never return. If hyperthyroidism has setteled after a single course of carbimazole there is a 30%-50% chance of recurrence, usually within one to two years of stopping the drug.
    Q. Does it matter if I forget to take my medicine?
    A. Symptoms of hypothyroidism due to lack of thyroxine are not usually felt for two to three weeks of stopping the tablets. However, this is not to be recomended. Also patients with hypothyroidism may have other autoimmune disease such as diabetes mellitus. Failure to take thyroxine regularly will affect the response to insulin and may lead to low unexpected coma due to a low blood sugar.
    Q. I feel better when I am taking a bigger dose of thyroxine than recommended by my doctor. Is this safe?
    A. Although by taking excessive thyroxine a sense of well-being, increased energy and even weight loss may be achieved in the short term, there are long-term dangers to the heart and possibility of increasing the rate of bone thinning and therefore encouraging the development of osteoporosis.
    Q. Can treatment for Graves' disease make me fat?
    A. No, although you wil probably put back any weight you lost before your condition was diagnosed and treated.
    Q. My daughter was put on thyroxine tablets at birth. Will she have to take them forever?
    A. Not necessarily. She will be taken off them after a blood test when she is about a year old.
    Q. Will test involving radioactivity affect my fertility?
    A. Definitely not. The amount of radioactivity involved is less than that in a x-ray.
    Q. Is the time of day when I take my thyroxine tablets important?
    A. No, but most people find it's better to take them at the same time each day.

    All requests for information or editorials to include in this site should be made by email to:

    September 07, 2012

    Healthy Living:
       Dr T Murcott suggestions on top-selling alternative medicines

    /Supplements     Good for:      Volume      Price            Stores
    EchinaceaBoosting your immune system60 Tablets£5.55Boots 
    St John's WortDepression 100 Tablets£8.49 Holland+Barrett
    Mik ThistleLiver function30 Tablets £6.99 Boots
    Peppermint OilBowel complaints 10ml bottle£
    CranburryUrinary infectionsOne litre    or 30 Tablets£2.00 or £3.99Supermarkets
    or Boots
    Red Vine leafCirculation 60 Tablets£4.99  Boots
    GlucosamineCreaky joints 60 Tablets£
    Vitamin B6Boosting mood 100 Tablets £2.25 Boots
    Valerian rootSleep problems100 Capsules£5.49 Holland+Barrett

    All requests for information or editorials to include in this site should be made by email to:
    Healthy Living:
       Five excuses we make for eating badly

    I don't have time for breakfast 
    It is impossible to pass the coffee shop without buying a latte and a muffin 
    I can't say no when people offer me a piece of birthday cake in the office 
    It is my partner's fault; he won't eat healthy so I have to eat what he wants me to cook
    I have to finish the children's leftovers

    Above Tips are from Amanda Ursell

    Healthy Living:
       Truths about healthy eating:

    Sugar is good for a sore Throat

    Cooking destroys minerals

    Women are programedto like fatty, sweet foods  more
    than fatty savoury

    Take away PIzza are junk

    Apple may beat cold sores


    Copper in your diet will stop you turning grey

    Chillies can be addictive

    Eating gelatine makes your nails grow

    Grasshoppers are much more nutritious than lobsters

    You gain weight as you age

    Above Q&A is from Amanda Ursell

    March 18, 2007

    Please read this poem, you may like it or lump it but, yet it's nice to hear from you
    Poem is written on behalf of my 3 nieces who live far away from their homes
    Far Far Away From Home

    Far far away from home, no Mum no Dad to moan and groan.
    Here I am with no pain and no sorrow, Plenty to live and to grow.

    What I like to be a make of me; When the world has done an old of me:
    Is to see full of green and earthly scene; With no hunger and no disaster to be seen;
    Is to see a child full of joy amongst all; With no sadness and no loss of them all;
    Is to see a young full of life to go for dreams; With no shame and no greed to lose all the steam;
    Is to see man and woman in full of life and lots of love; With no depression and no hurt, to be seen like dove;
    Is to see the old and wise to be caring and to be cared; With no lost grace and be godliness, not to scrared.

    Here is the life of me, the cry of me;
    Here is what I like to be a make of me;
    Here is what I like to be the best of me;
    Hear you all, this is what the rest of me,
    Far far away from home, no Mum no Dad to moan and groan.
    This poem was written by ©Copyright 2000:2012; All Rights Reserved

    April 23, 2006

    You and I - Year 2005 #4

    From Joseph to June - My Dearest
    Collection of Birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day and other Special Occasion cards;
    for you from me
    Thinking of you - Jun 05
    writings on the card:

    Front Page:
    Thinking of You....
    Inside the card:
    ...and thinking, too, how lovely it is knowing someone like you!
    And I wrote:
    My Darling June,
    I am proud to know you that you have such strength to carry on with what you want to achieve.
    I am proud to know such a lovely wife to be caring for every one.
    I love you for what you are in your beauty and in loving wife.
    Always thinking about you xxxxxx....

    You and I - Year 2005 #3

    From Joseph to June - My Dearest
    Collection of Birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day and other Special Occasion cards;
    for you from me
    A card from Occasion Gallerie - Aug 05
    writings on the card:

    Front Page:
    In Marriage, Two People Can Create an Infinite Love
    Inside the card:

    When two people join together and bond their lives forever because they are certain they have something special that will make their marriage last...this is the first act of faith.
    Upon this act of faith, these two people will build a life. And as long as their determination stays with them, this life will always be their inspiration, and their source of strength.
    Through their life, they will hurt and laugh. Together they will feel all of life's ups and downs.They will learn and grow through trial and error.
    The lessons will show them the meaning of true love and the difference between a love that lasts and one that just gives up.
    These two people will face each failure together and discover the strength to go on.They will encourage each other's dream and forgive each other's faults.
    Through a labor of love, these two will become as one ~ fighting against the odds and ultimately creating a marriage that will grow into an infinite love.~
    Regina Hill

    And I wrote:

    To My Darling June, I am very happy to be your husband. I am happy that we are together and never been apart since our marriage.
    I love you, With lots of love

    You and I -Year 2005 #7

    You and I - Year 2006 #2

    What To Do With Our Trees
    One Friday month of in April, it took 3 days for the two of us to deal with 3 trees...
     ........................... and this is how ............................... 

    Day 1:
    When I decided to chop our trees in the back garden and clear all debris, I thought of the environmentalist who might have said that wasn't a good idea Environment Issuse . But I had no choice because my neighbour was complaining that trees have gown too high. She was right, trees had grown up to 4 meters in height and 2 to 3 meters wide. Here is how I did it and how we finished the work: I agreed with my neighbour that I have to make a use of her garden. I made sure these trees are not covered by local conservation regulations Conservation Then I made sure all surrounding area are safely covered. cutting the trees was a difficult job. I started from the top (by climbing on the trees). Started by cuting small branches using light chain saw. Chain Saw . Once I finished with the branches, I cut down the main trunk leaving 1.5 meter height standing with some tiny branches for the trees to grow again. Later on the day it became rainy and my clothes including my wax jacket were all wet. this follows on:
    Day 2:
    Pieces of cut branches were all around in and out of the garden. First I thought to burn them all using small incinerator Home Incinirator As I experienced it from last year, burning bushes and chopped trees in the back garden takes a lot of courage and care. that could cause lots of smoke and toxic smell. You may even have to inform your local fire station. So we decided to cut them all into smaller pieces and pack them in bin liners. We made almost 20 bags this follows on
    Day 3:
    Collecting and taking bags to the Civic Amenity. You may think that was an easy job to do but you must first check your policies and regulations that applies in your local area Local Waste We managed to get there on time and waited in a long queue of cars with people who eagerly wanted to get rid of their stuff. There is more: