April 23, 2006

You and I - Year 2006 #2

What To Do With Our Trees
One Friday month of in April, it took 3 days for the two of us to deal with 3 trees...
 ........................... and this is how ............................... 

Day 1:
When I decided to chop our trees in the back garden and clear all debris, I thought of the environmentalist who might have said that wasn't a good idea Environment Issuse . But I had no choice because my neighbour was complaining that trees have gown too high. She was right, trees had grown up to 4 meters in height and 2 to 3 meters wide. Here is how I did it and how we finished the work: I agreed with my neighbour that I have to make a use of her garden. I made sure these trees are not covered by local conservation regulations Conservation Then I made sure all surrounding area are safely covered. cutting the trees was a difficult job. I started from the top (by climbing on the trees). Started by cuting small branches using light chain saw. Chain Saw . Once I finished with the branches, I cut down the main trunk leaving 1.5 meter height standing with some tiny branches for the trees to grow again. Later on the day it became rainy and my clothes including my wax jacket were all wet. this follows on:
Day 2:
Pieces of cut branches were all around in and out of the garden. First I thought to burn them all using small incinerator Home Incinirator As I experienced it from last year, burning bushes and chopped trees in the back garden takes a lot of courage and care. that could cause lots of smoke and toxic smell. You may even have to inform your local fire station. So we decided to cut them all into smaller pieces and pack them in bin liners. We made almost 20 bags this follows on
Day 3:
Collecting and taking bags to the Civic Amenity. You may think that was an easy job to do but you must first check your policies and regulations that applies in your local area Local Waste We managed to get there on time and waited in a long queue of cars with people who eagerly wanted to get rid of their stuff. There is more:

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